Principal's Corner

Mrs. Molly Webb

5,000 Acts of Kindness in 15 Days

Students at RCS are being challenged to complete 5,000 Acts of Kindness in 15 days. After only 4 days, students had 1,281 Acts of Kindness completed. The hallway was filled with students excited to post another Act of Kindness on the board. Nothing is more heartwarming than watching students choosing to be kind to one another. CAN WE DO IT? With these little guys I don't doubt it for a minute. 




Middle States Visit

On December 3rd-6th the Middle States Visiting Team will be coming to our school. We are VERY excited for them to see how we have grown over the last 7 years. To think, the last time they came we had just merged with Queen of Heaven. 7 years later we have a State of the Art Gym, Smartboards, Ipads, and Chromebooks. Our enrollment has grown and we have two of the biggest classes of Kindergarten and Pre-School in our schools history. There is so much to be proud of, but our work is not done.

Now we are focused on new goals to reach even greater heights. Our 3 Goals moving forward are:

1. Goal 1: Improve Reading Comprehension by employing strategies that develop active readers

2. Goal 2: Increase usage of technology in the classroom to support students in the 21st century and differentiate learning. 

3. Goal 3: Marketing and Communication- Develop strategies to market the strengths of our school, while increasing communication with our current families so they know their thoughts are valued.